Welcome Everyone! 

I hope you are enjoying this blog.  If I can personally help you with your vocal health issues, give me a holler anytime!  Use the email address on the Contact page of this blog, please. 

About this great new Q&A Forum, please feel free to ask your questions and get real answers right here!  I know it feels strange at first, but you have the benefit of my many years of professional singing performance as well as my teaching experience and my knowledge of how the voice works and how to keep it healthy. 

So go ahead and ask your questions and don’t be shy!

For example, a singer emailed me just 2 days ago, asking what more can be done to help with a diagnosed case of vocal nodules.  There are at least two articles on this website that will help get a foothold on what to do about vocal nodules.  Here are the links: 

1) https://singingandyou.com/vocal-fatigue/     

2) https://singingandyou.com/vocal-nodules/

If you use the search feature (the small magnifying glass icon) and if you enter the word SLEEP, there is another article that pertains to caring for nodules. 

The two main pillars of good vocal health are NUMBER ONE: Hydration and NUMBER TWO: Sleep!   Please drink lots and lots of good clean unflavored water every single day.  And make sure to get your sleep. 

These things sound like they probably won’t help.  But they WILL actually help enormously, especially when you are healing from vocal fatigue and (God forbid) actual vocal nodules!  Plus, when you drink more water and get more sleep, these remedies do not cost money (well, the water costs very little, or at least tap water is fairly inexpensive). 

Now if you want a real natural remedy for vocal fatigue, try the yerba mate tea mentioned in the articles linked above.  This great herb, native to the South American rainforest, will give you good sustained non-hyper energy.  And it will reduce both inflammation and swelling throughout the body, including inflammation and swelling on the vocal anatomy.  Give this great herb a try. 

You can purchase yerba mate as a tea (instant or tea bags) or you can purchase it as a small bottle of concentrated liquid extract.  In this case it will come with in a bottle with a dropper top.  Shake it up well.  Check the label for dosage instruction, on how many drops to use.  You can either drop the liquid extra directly onto your tongue, or you can drop it into water and drink it.  I would drop it onto my tongue and then immediately drink lots of water, personally. 

This miraculous herb will help tremendously.  Give it a try! 

What are your questions about vocal fatigue?  What is going on with your particular singing voice?  There is a good chance that I can help!  And this is all being offered to you free of charge.  Let’s take advantage of this excellent new forum, shall we, and ask our questions right here! 

Let me know how I can help you with your singing!

All the best!

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