Why is it almost impossible for me to sing high notes?  I sound so bad singing loudly too.  And even quiet higher notes sound bad!  I just want to increase my range and control and sound better.  What can I do?

Hello Marie and welcome to the Q&A Forum!  So pleased you’ve found us.  I’m here to help my fellow singers as much as possible.

If you are still searching for an answer, send me a sound file of your singing, which clearly demonstrates what you are talking about, please, this problem of “almost impossible to reach high notes” and that you “sound so bad singing loudly.”

When I hear the singing, I can provide specific suggestions, which should begin to help.

Please use the email address on the Contact page of my blog, please, linked below.

In the meantime, do not force the voice to do anything.  Drink at least 90 ounces of water per day and get more sleep (8–9 hours in every 24 hours).  If excess mucus is a problem, there are specific posts on my blog to deal with this effectively.  If allergies are the issue, also see blog posts. 

(Use the search feature, which looks like a little magnifying glass, and click or tap there.  Type in “allergies.”  There will be more than one post that comes up.)

And if you fill out the little form there on the right side of the blog post pages, if you enter your name and your email address and press the button that says “Get the Guide,” I will send you a free copy of my ebook: Natural Remedies for Allergies.

Make sure your diet is supportive, including ample protein, foods with iron and other essential minerals.  Please see below for the link to my blog post on Superfoods for Singers.

There is a high probability your breath support is not adequate. Please follow these instructions:

Breath Control: Your Complete Guide

And this one might help as well:

Superfoods for Singers

Looking forward to hearing from you by email, so I can be of more specific help to you, with any luck! 

All the best! 


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